16th Feb, 2012

Cuisine Artisan Awards

Cuisine Artisan Awards

Cusine artisan awards winner 2012Te Horo Foods has won a Cuisine Artisan Award for its Te Horo Raspberry Jam. 

“The award is great recognition of the amazing job our jam cooks do”, says Tim Gibbs Managing Director of Te Horo Foods, “All of our jams are handmade with the cooks stirring each jam pan by hand.  It’s the hand stirring of small batches and the top quality fruit that goes in each pot that gives Te Horo jams that fantastic taste”.

“It takes years to be a good jam cook” he says, “It’s not only the skills acquired but the judgements they make during the cooking process that count.  I am thrilled for the cooks in the kitchen that they have again received recognition for all their hard work”.

“Te Horo, in fact all of New Zealand, has perfect growing conditions producing intense fruit flavours”, says Kate Gibbs, Director of Te Horo Foods, “Our jams reflect this in their intense taste”.

Cuisine editor Sarah Nicholson says the local artisan industry continues to evolve, producing a diverse selection of quality products.

“Twenty-five years ago when Cuisine magazine first went to print, buying locally-made authentic Spanish sausage was unheard of, let alone traditionally cured olives grown and produced on the outskirts of Auckland. Now, as is highlighted by this year’s winners, we have hundreds of artisans throughout the country producing excellent products, and although many are infused with international tastes, all are inspired by our local produce and environment.

“Products of this standard demand talent as well as sheer hard work, and they are a testament to the dedication of these people. They are making an invaluable contribution to the New Zealand food scene,” she says.

Artisans produce handmade or individually crafted goods, generally on a small scale and often according to traditional practices. The judging panel comprised Fiona Smith, Sarah Nicholson, Ray McVinnie, Ginny Grant and Sarah Wall, all Cuisine editorial staff; Michael Meredith, chef-owner of Meredith's restaurant, Auckland; Chris Moore, of Nosh Food market, Auckland and Hamilton; Enzo Bettio, of Delmaine Fine Foods, and Vin Alto, Clevedon; Jessica Godfrey, former marking manager of Caffe L'affare; Julie Moore, of Moore Wilson's, Wellington; and Ngaire Baker, owner of Mercato, Christchurch. The award is sponsored by Caffe L'affare.

Find profiles of the winners in the March 2012 issue of Cuisine, on sale 20 February. And taste the winning products, and meet the producers, at the Monteith’s CheeseFest event at the Langham Hotel, Auckland on February 29 from 5pm-9pm. Martin Bosley’s Restaurant in Wellington will also be hosting a special Cuisine artisan lunch for the public on March 22 from 12pm-2pm, featuring all of the winning products. For more information visit: cuisineartisanawards.co.nz